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Deakocan Dance, was born in London in 2009, it was created by Osbanis Tejeda & Anneta Kepka by merging their talent, experience & passion for the dance & the music. The name Deakocan Dance has a deeper meaning, and it is more than it meets an eye , in Yoruba, the Afrocuban language, ‘deakokan’, means ‘de a corazon’ - from the heart. They thought that this name perfectly describes what is the most important for both of them in teaching, choreographing and performing, it is to feel everything you experience in music and dance, and to dance from the heart. Their dance style characterizes the fusion of the Cuban Style, the blend of the Afrocuban movement and Rumba, incorporated in Cuban salsa- Casino, both in tiempo and contra tiempo as well as the importance of the musical interpretation of movement.


Deakocan Dance specialise strictly in the Cuban style, their strenght is the musicality & musical inerpretation, the sentimiento manana ‘el sabor’- feeling, Casino footwork, Casino partnerwork, men`s and ladies` styling, Rueda de Casino, Son , Chachacha, Rumba, Afrocuban movement, as well as applying Rumba & Afrocuban movement to Casino both in footwork & partnerwork, and created by them AfroCha, the fusion of Afrocuban movement and Chachacha & AfroSonCha , the fusion of the Cuban style conta tiempo with elements of Afrocuban movement & Chachacha. That is also the types of the classes they teach, which are available at all levels.


You can meet Osbanis & Anneta teaching & performing at the weekends in the different festivals & events around the world & teaching in their Deakocan Dance school in the weekly courses in London.

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DEAKOCAN is the inspiration and the DANCE is the best way to discover the reason of the feelings in your heart. DANCE to make you feel DEAKOCAN.



DEAKOCAN es la inpiracion, y al bailar tienes la rason de descubrir en lo mas profundo lo que siente tu corazon. Baila para que te sientas deakocan.

DEAKOCAN- Osbanis & Anneta



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