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New Deakocan Courses with Osbanis & Anneta


 It`s Deakocan - Salsa con Manana time again ;)  This courses will be the last courses for 2012, and then we`ll start back in January 2013. 


8 weeks courses every Wednesday or Thursday

Our  8 weeks programme offers the opportunity to take part in lively interactive classes, that progress from week to week. It gives you the chance to develop and broaden your dance skills through a wide range of classes. We will introduce new moves & dances, in the pure Cuban way, with brand new hot Deakocan discovery AfroCasino, learn to apply the Afrocuban movement & Rumba to Casino in tiempo & contra-tiempo, have a chance to meet the Orishas & learn about the roots of Cuban rumbaWe will also focus on Son, Chachacha, AfroSonCha, Casino partner work, Rueda de Casino and other traditional Cuban dances like Mozambique or Pilon etc. with the main focus on musicality and musical interpretation. 


We are offering 2 courses:


Wednesday- 8-10pm- 8 weeks, starting on the 12/09/2012- 31/10/2012- Deakocan Fusion- incl.classes with life percussion!!-

this course will concentrate on introducing new exciting movements & dances, with new hot Deakocan AfroCasino, rumba, AfroCuban, Son, Chachacha, AfroSonCha, Casino partner work, Rueda de Casino, Rueda con Afro and other traditional Cuban dances. The course will help you to understand the music very in-depth & learn about the interpretation and response to the music. The use of life instruments will strengthen & deepen you musical skills and will take your dancing to the new level. Through this process you will be able to develop  & spice up your style, improve your freedom of movement, incorporate freely the elements of rumba & AfroCuban movements in your style, as well as explore your musical interpretation skills.  This course is for advanced dancers, with previous experience in deakocan courses.


Thursday – 8:30-10:30pm- 8 weeks, starting on the 13/09/2012- 01/11/2012- Dance Deakocan- incl.classes with life percussion!!

This course will focus on the ability of blending casino with rumba and AfroCuban movement, both in tiempo and contra tiempo, and feeling comfortable to use them freely in your social dance. You will learn how to enrich your style and technique in social dancing and appreciate the music through communication in movement. The important element will be musical interpretation and ability to express the clave in your style and focus more on melody line & clave while dancing not the counting :) The content and structure will be similar to the Wednesday course, but in a slower pace, so we will also introduce new movements, dances, in the pure Cuban way, with Deakocan`s  AfroCasino, rumba, AfroCuban, Son, Chachacha, AfroSonCha, Casino partner work, Rueda de Casino, Rueda con Afro and other traditional Cuban dances.


Location- The O2 Centre Finchley Road, next to Finchley Road tube station, Postcode NW3 6LU. 


Limited spaces, 16h in total, 2h per each session. Save your space before it will be too late ;)


If you have any questions contact us at info@deakocan.com


We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Saludos deakocan,


Osbanis & Anneta