Anneta Kepka, a London based internationally known dance artist, teacher, choreographer & performer. 2008 IDO World Ladies Salsa Shines Champion and 2006 UK Salsa Champion, she began her adventure with dance in Poland at the age of 10 with ballroom and latin dance. Rehearsing nearly every day and competing in many national and international competitions triggered off her big passion for dancing. Over the years she has studied various forms of dance, like: r`n`b , hip-hop, street dance, as a one of the lead dancers of dance company in Poland she discovered salsa as another form of dance that was linking her to the connection she felt with the latin dance & music. Many travels to different salsa festivals around Europe gave her an insight to a diversity that salsa has to offer. The Los Angeles style salsa was the first she got to know, through the years she also broadened her knowledge in New York and Puertorican style. She was always in awe of the Cuban culture of dance and music, since the opportunity to work with Osbanis, she devoted her heart and soul to develop her knowledge and style strictly to a Cuban style. She believes it has the most to offer and has many secrets to discover. A wide spectrum of Cuban dances gives us a chance to learn and appreciate the true meaning of dance in our daily life, and stresses the importance of enjoying the music and appreciating the history on a way to better understanding of the culture. Dancing is for her an everlasting passion and a journey we should all take to enjoy our life to the fullest.


Dance is a powerful form of visual communication, which goes way beyond all the barriers of verbal language, space and time. It is a form of non-verbal communication, a representation of art, expressed by shapes and movement giving an opportunity to express our personality and emotions.


Anneta Kepka


Osbanis Tejeda Fajardo, a London based inernationally known dance artist, musician, teacher, choreographer & performer.2004 World Rueda Champion, 2003 UK Cuban Salsa Champion, graduated professor of Cuban percussion. Born in Granma, Cuba, and grew up in Havana. He always had a big passion for music. He used to play with many different bands in Cuba, playing all sort of music from more traditional style of Son , rumba, Cha cha cha ,Popular music to modern latin jazz and other genres of music. In 2002 he came to UK with the idea of making the Cuban roots more popular around the word. He than developed his dancing and decided to fill in the lack of the live Cuban culture in UK by not only playing the music but also playing with the music, which became a start of his professional dance career. He incorporated in his style the street cuban salsa – casino, which he was surrounded by when living in Cuba. From the start of his career in UK , he had opportunity to work with many world famous bands, like Orishas and British music stars like Roll Deep. He was also a part of the music videos and TV commerials projects as well as sharring the stage with starts like: Sean Paul, Angie Stone and Craig David at live Kiss FM Awards. Now together with Anneta they are travelling around the world with their aim to share their Deakocan spirit, and to inspire the dancers to dance Deakocan, to dance from the heart and enjoy what cuban dances has to offer.

Como se baila se toca, como se toca se baila, cada cual nace con un sentimiento, pero este sentimiento tienes que descubrirlo, buscalo, que esta en ti.


Osbanis Tejeda Fajardo